FIRST: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

8 FIRST Volunteers in front of a FIRST Banner

ASSE 2016 with FIRST running a LEGO-Based Curriculum Workshop for K-12 Educators

Below: Acting as Volunteer Table Supervisor for FIRST Bayou Regional and Referee for regional competitions







Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair

GNOSEF Board Member; Engineering and Translational Biology Judge

Questioning a student on her biomedical engineering project

Science and Engineering Fair Volunteers


New Orleans STEM Education

Co-Coordinator of Boys at Tulane in STEM (BaTS) and Girls in STEM at Tulane (GiST)

Kate is discussing circuit connections and placement with a 7th Grade Boy

Squishy Circuit Design with Boys at Tulane in STEM (160 middle school students; 60 volunteers)


Kate is listening as a student explains how he connected a circuit to make it light a LED

Squishy Circuits with a BATS attendee

Invited Guest to Einstein Charter School to speak about careers in science requiring advanced degrees.

Perry Initiative Volunteer

Building the Pipeline for Women in Engineering and Medicine

Demonstrating how to work a tension gauge.

Kate is assisting a young girl holding an automated drill

Demonstrating drilling techniques

Explaining how different bone breaks require different repair methods.


Kate is at the far end of a table with various high school girls. They are all working on a suture technique.

Demonstrating various suture techniques


GE Girls Summer Camp

A Fun Exploration of Science Technology Engineering and Math (Instructor)

Demonstrating how to make a dance-pad with cardboard to girls

Do-it-Yourself Dance Pad Electronics Activity


Girls and instructors in a circle, holding up a picture so each other can see.

Zoom Book Activity Teaching Perspective and Communication

Windmill Power Generators with GE Renewables


Two girls and instructor seated with a computer open on middle girl's lap.

Programming with Lego Mindstorm